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Welcome to Outpost Omega

Home of McCulloch Family Enterprises,
which includes:

The Wizard of Spas - John's spa
cabinet restoration and deck business,
as well as remodeling and home repair

Songbird Books - out of print and
children's books

Luminescent Music - original music by Marilyn

Starflower Creations - Jewelry creations
by Marilyn

Matthew Enterprises® - pretendly everything...
and Chup™

Morningstar Academy - our homeschool
and continuing education process at home,
endeavoring to follow the example
of the bright Morning Star Himself

"Judo Joe's" Tae Kwon Do Page -
Benjamin's Website - displaying his growing
interest in the martial arts, as well as his
love of animals and music

You have travelled through the far reaches
of the galaxy to the home-based haven
of independent thought and self-directed
activity being maintained and encouraged
by the McCulloch Family, and named
Outpost Omega for our belief in the
exploration of the unknown, both without
and within. WELCOME!!

Outpost Omega Directory

Chupperson Weird's Homepage
Matthew's webpages
Judo Joe's Tae Kwon Do Page
Benjamin's webpage
The new puppies
John and Marilyn ~ Cosmic Twins